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Football and Porn always goes hand in hand like a pair of balls and a hot beauty never ceases to amaze.
So what the big deal? Well when you get the best player in the world ok Ronaldo fans one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi delivering a shocking statement that he will retire from International football. This has come as a big shock to football fans especially Argentineans .It’s such a big shock so much so that people have been coming forward to ask or shall we say beg Lionel to reconsider.
Still only 28 years of age Lionel is in his prime and will be only 30 by the time the next major tournament arrives, the 2018 World Cup. After Argentina’s shock defeat to Chile in the Coppa America and Lionel Messi missing a penalty, the star has decided to call it a day.
Along comes Suzy Cortez winner of Miss BumBum Brazil 2015 who being a great fan of Lionel Messi has begged the football star to consider . The sexy BumBum winner sends heart in to meltdown with sexy pics wearing the star’s famous number 10 shirt. Of course we know the tension between Brazil and Argentina but Suzy shows nationality means nothing when you have a star like Lionel Messi.
Dressed in a sexy thong and a beautiful booty she encourages Messi to take time out and consider his decision as he will definitely be missed. When you see the photos (see the link below) of this babe you will realise that it’s enough to make anyone consider. Or shall we say reconsider!
As for Lionel Messi and sexy Suzy Cortez if someone as gorgeous as this is making you an offer you can’t refuse then let’s hope it’s enough to raise his temperature and make the right move…