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Where is Punam Mistry now !! Or Poonam Mistry

This asian babe grabbed the limelight almost a year ago with her homemade video courtesy of Jay Singh and Deepeh.

The threesome duo performed for all to see on their camera phone to the delight of many when it went viral. The video uploaded to one of the biggest porn sites in the world and shared by many on various other network proved an instant hit.



Punam Mistry and duo are all from Leicester home of Premiership Champions Leicester City football club. So what has happened to the star of that homemade sex tape ?

Well the snippet which went viral was so short that many where waiting in anticipation for the full release Jay Singh and Deepeh teased the world with their snippet and became overnight sensation in their home town of Leicester super studs and porn stars. With Deepeh boasting of over 6gb of home footage featuring many Asian - Indian girls from the local area and the Midlands whom he says he has ruined. ( A sexual abbreviation)

The Punam Mistry as he states was a good one so natural she fucked well and sucked cock like a pro total natural, most Asian Indian girls are cold and boring in bed but Punam was well up for it ! A married women with bags of experience and none of this bullshit oh I can't do this or that the girl was amazing she loved it.

As for Punam it seems after the sex video went viral people came knocking on her door in fact her phone went crazy so did her husband and family. Jay laughed and said " maybe she should have consulted them with her career move ? "

The problem with a lot of Asian Indian women is they need a good seeing too and love sex just like anyone else they are horny and up for it but cause of religion culture and upbringing they live in a shell. Me and Deepah we do the honours and fuck them well sometime a few friends join in and we have a gangbang they love it.

Punam has since retired from making movies and her exploits are confined to a close room minus the camera even the offers of taking up porn as a career has been declined, as one Production company stated we tried to contact her and discuss the opportunity of making a full length movie with her and the guys but it feel on deaf ears.

So what was she like Deepeh ? She was amazing pure filth loved sex and more sex we came all over her so many times, even me and Jay was like wtf this girl is good. Did she do anal ? We tried to get her to do a DP but she wasn't having it I put my cock in her ass for a few seconds but she wasn't feeling it maybe as there was no lube... lol