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So what all the fuss about anal sex and Cannabis or good old weed ?

The truth lies in the following research along with case studies that have now proved that you can now enjoy anal sex much easier than before thanks to this natural wonder.

Yes guys and gal the next time you’re about to take it up the ass its only much easier if your prepared for it. Foria a company specialising in herbal and natural medications have developed a product for this use.

The products contains marijuana yes that right weed to most people. They have two versions which are both designed to help relax the rectum prior to any form of entry. As most are familiar it’s really only a one way street but a lot of people try to break the rules. Yes we all know that anal sex has been happening as far back as we know in the human civilisation, then we probably are even interested in knowing.

So good old Foria has made this little wonder available so anyone using it can get their ass high enough to perform. Ok it still has to be done carefully and most importantly it will help you relax make the muscles numb and enable you to take the insertion, but this doesn't mean you will be able to take the whole ten inches the first time round.

Most people will be bewildered when asked to perform anal, with many females scared with the thought shoving something up their ass, along with males who have yet to try anal sex themselves.

It’s something which with time and practise become easier and easier and of course the better it get the bigger the object...... Well that’s the trade secret in the Porn world most actresses and guys performing anal sex have prepare themselves in order to take that huge dick or dildo up their ass.

No matter how much lube you use if it’s your first time or first few times it will take a little while to stretch in order to accommodate that size, Foria with their two readily available products one which is lube and the other a suppository help the rectum relax and behave better in anal sex.

The drug which begins to work within 30 minutes help the users muscles relax to a numbing sensation to enable the rectum to be touched licked and of course inserted without discomfort. In all honesty your ass is probably high as can be making you unaware of the surroundings. The dosage is 60mg of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and 10mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) if you are a constant user of cannabis it may take you longer to get high and see results but within the hour most people will feel ready to perform.

So what does this mean for many ? Quite simply the fright is over a little bit of weed in your ass and watch the magic. Males and females who once thought something was too difficult to enjoy can now relax and say " Hey man..... this stuff is good ", and the next time you’re watching your favourite porn movie you can now explain to your friends how it’s so easily done !!!